The Committee for the Jean-Pictet Competition is proud to announce that the 2017 edition will, for the first time in the Competition’s history, take place in the Caucasus: this year’s edition will be held in Georgia from 18 to 25 March.

The Regulations are available but the application form is no longer used for this year. Come back in September 2017 in order to apply to the 2018 edition! All the teams have now been informed of the results of the selection process for the 2017 Competition: the Committee congratulates the 48 teams that it retained following this lengthy first stage, and encourages the other teams (a similar number) which unfortunately did not make it through selection to try again next year.

We have been overwhelmed with volunteers wanting to help with the 2017 edition of the Competition, and are therefore no longer accepting new offers. Please come back next year!



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