Jean-Pictet Competition

The Jean-Pictet Competition is a learning event in international humanitarian law (IHL) for students (law, political science, military academies, professional institutes...), competing in teams of three persons.

The 48 selected teams, usually from the five continents, first benefit from a remote training on IHL.

They thereafter meet during one week, in a place which differs every year, for the Competition as such. They compete in the context of simulations and role plays built over a fictitious armed conflict. Teams play the role of actors of armed conflicts (military, humanitarian, lawyers, political leaders...) in a context which is broader and richer than the judicial context. Teams benefit from the support of tutors during tests where they are assessed by the jury. All tests of the Competition are oral - no written essay is required, except for the application file.

The 30th edition of the Competition will take place from Saturday 24 March to Saturday 31 March 2018, in Ohrid (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia).

Applications were open to teams, composed by three persons, normally from the same institution, between 2 September and 8 November 2017.

Persons who wanted to participate in the Competition as volunteers contacted the administration of the Competition before 15 October 2017 and followed the relevant instructions. To apply as a volunteer for 2019, please visit this page in September 2018.

Participating in the Jean-Pictet Competition is a unique learning experience. The importance of the Competition is acknowledged by the institutions who have been supporting the Competition for many years, and the Competition Organising Committee is very grateful.

To know more, you can watch the film produced by the Regional Office of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Paris during the 2016 edition.

NEW: the poster of the 2018 edition is available.

Thanks to our sponsors, in particular for the 2017 edition:

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