Several films on the Jean-Pictet Competition are available:

  •  the most recent and complete film on the Competition, available in French and in English. It was produced during the 2016 edition by the Regional Office of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Paris.

  •  a nice experience sharing from the Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve after the 2018 Competition

  •  another nice experience sharing from the Geneva Academy

  • the film displayed during the opening ceremony of the 2018 Competition, celebrating the volunteers who attended. NB: music composed by Jean Pictet

  •  the glorious come back home of the winning team from Buenos Aires University in 2017 (here and here, in Spanish)

  •  the panel organised in the Humanitarium in 2016 on "Innovation in international humanitarian law dissemination"

  •  the Competition described by officers and Picteists from Laval University

  •  the full film of the 2015 final

  •  the memory film of the 2014 edition

  •  the memory film of the 2013 edition

  •  the film displayed during the opening ceremony of the 2013 Competition, celebrating the history of the Competition

  •  the memory film of the 2012 edition

  •  the film of the 2007 edition closing ceremony

  •  a film produced by the Committee for the Jean-Pictet Competition during the 2005 edition

  •  an extract from the France 3 TV news in 2005

  •  an extract from the TV news of the Swiss TV in 1996. Very poor quality of image and sound, after all these years...

  •  a film produced for the Competition in 1994. The sound is hardly bearable...


To better know the Jean-Pictet Competition, you can read the tribute to Jean Pictet book, edited in 2016 by Julia Grignon, under the auspices of the Committee for the Jean-Pictet Competition. It includes texts from 50 authors who work today in the field of international humanitarian law, after having participated in the Competition in one way or another. Read an extract.