Support some of the teams attending the 2023 Jean-Pictet Competition!

General fund managed by the Competition

We seek an average of one euro per former participant. It will be used to help teams who have demonstrated efforts in fund-raising and who prepared a good application file. We don't fully fund any team: instead we want to fill the gaps to maximise the number of teams who will attend. It's on this page!

Specific initiatives launched by teams

We confirm that the pages below are teams who were selected to the Competition. If you receive requests from other sources and have doubts, please contact us.
- A team from UFRGS Brazil.
- Two teams from Nanterre, France, attending the Anglophone and the Francophone editions.
- A team from Symbiosis Law School, India.
- A team from Nepal.
- A team from Tunisia.
- A team from Uganda.