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Soutenez les équipes participant au Concours Jean-Pictet 2020 !

You can support us directly by using the PayPal page accessible through the link below. We will help dozens of candidate teams, by reducing their registration fees and / or purchasing plane tickets.

In addition, several teams selected for the 2020 Jean-Pictet Competition wish to receive support through crowdfunding sites. We certify that these teams are candidates for the Competition. They remain responsible to donors for the use of the funds. These are the following teams:

  • Belarus, Grodno, Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno - support no longer needed, the funding of this team is ensured!
  • Belarus, Minsk, MITSO, on and on
  • Belarus, Novopolotsk, Polotsk State University, on
  • Brazil, Porto Alegre, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), on Kickante
  • Democratic Republic of Congo, Bunia, CEPROMAD University, on The team was denied visa by the Belgian authorities in 2019 and could not attend Pictet 2019. The team bravely re-applied for 2020 and most of the funds that were gathered last year will be affected to their travel costs - the difference was used by the team to travel to Kigali to apply for a visa. The loss of the price of last edition unused tickets was covered by the Competition. Let's give them a second chance!
  • France, Le Mans, Le Mans University, on Leetchi mainly here and also here
  • India, Mumbai, Maharashtra University, on and
  • Kenya, Nairobi, Catholic University of Eastern Africa, on
  • Nigeria, Ife-Ife, Obafemi Awolowo University, on
  • Pakistan, Hyderabad, Institute of Law, University of Sindh Jamshoro, on
  • Pakistan, Islamabad, Bahria University Islamabad Campus, on
  • Pakistan, Karachi, Denning Law School, on

  • Note that registration fees are not the same for all teams supported by the Universality Fund and are commensurate with the quality of each team's file, which has been scrutinized very carefully. This does not apply to teams that were not eligible to that support or who did not apply.

    Should you have a doubt on other initiatives of crowdfunding spotted on the Internet, you can contact us at to check whether they are actually teams.

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